Canadian clients had a satisfied visiting to Haihao Group for spectacle blind flange.

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After over ten hours flying and one hour high speed train, Two Canadian clients reached Cangzhou west Station to start their visiting to our Hebei Haihao Group, which located in Mengcun county,Cangzhou city,Hebei province.

In the meeting of two days, we had a very full and comprehensive communication ,We worked with clients on the technology and applications of flanges, especially the spectacle blind flange .  In order to meet customer’s specific requirements in their projects, Haihao  Group engineers designed the new production process after the clients showed their own production method. It is starting from raw material, in full accordance with the customer’s suggestions and requests to produce the relevant products.

Clients also checked our flanges quality and our factory facilities, from workshop to the laboratory. They are very satisfied about our capacity and quality control system. further more, they also give us some suggestion to improve our CNC plasma cutting machine for the spectacle flange production process .



Compared with professional and carefulness working, spare time is more interesting. This is the first time for the clients to visit China,  all the things are amazing to them . We introduced our city and traditional culture to them, and had many delicious and interesting foods, such as Quanjude Roast Duck .  They hope to visit Haihao group again soon for order inspection.