Quality inspectors of Haihao Group do pipe fittings X-ray testing in holiday.

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Today ,it is the Lantern Festival in China, the Moon in the sky is full , families also should be full . So workers have a duty off from our pipe fittings factory to get together with their family members and celebrate the festival.


Within this period, all workers left the workshop , it is the best time for our inspectors to do quality inspection for pipe fittings products, especially the X-ray test (RT) inspection for the welded pipe fittings.The RT inspection is to check the quality of the welded seam .


Haihao pipe fittings factory manufactures lots of large sizes steel pipe fittings,especially the pipe fittings more than 28″ . Commonly the large sizes pipe fittings are made from the steel plates , not from the seamless pipes directly,Cutting the plate accordingly and welding it to the fittings as per standard . As we know , when the X-ray testing is working to check the steel weld seam, it has a risk to the people around , so our X-ray testing is usually arranged in the night when the workers leave the workshop.  Last days are new year holidays in China, most of our workers stay off from factory ,but our quality inspectors are busy, they finished a lot of inspection work for our pipe fittings, which can make sure our fittings quality are perfect .

Haihao group always try our best to produce and supply the high quality piping products. Our professional quality checkers and quality assurance system support us a lot .